John Lozano (Seattle):

With over a decade of teaching blues under his belt, John has helped to shape blues scenes around the Midwest, West Coast, and Canada. His methodical approach to studying and teaching partnered movement packs the biggest punch with the lightest touch. His accessibility inspires beginners, enables intermediates and unlocks the advanced. His masterful soft lead is swooned over, his following leaves people awestruck, and his ability to seamlessly switch roles is unmatched in the natural world. The effortlessness that he demonstrates on the dance floor can only be compared to that which he demonstrates when puffing himself up in a bio. Whether his classes are exploring Blues fundamentals, components & variations, or adaptive techniques, they are guaranteed to be accessible and addicting.

Brooke Filsinger (Toronto):

For more than a decade, Brooke has been hopping across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia, dancing, djing, and teaching as she goes. She has been called an organic follower, accidentally creative, and a vagabond street dancer. She isn’t entirely sure what these all mean, but she’s proud of these labels nonetheless.

Brooke is known for classes that are unconventional, entertaining, and chock-full of good technique, historical tidbits, and new ideas. You can always count on full-bodied “scrumpditiliumptious” quality movement – the kind that you can really sink your feet into!

Additional Instructors Available for Privates:

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Brooke Filsinger (Toronto):
Brooke has spent the last decade crisscrossing Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia, dancing, djing, and teaching as she goes. Although these days you'll most often find her playing exchanges, festivals, and competitions, as a DJ Brooke strives to remain true to the roots of her sordid past - late-nite house parties! You'll get stuff that keeps you dancing well past your bedtime!
John Lozano (Seattle)

Always ready to bring a good time, John is a great example of a DJ who is ready to take you on a journey. While leading you from one musical genre to the next, thru the peaks and valleys of tempos, he often embeds his sets with secret messages. But only those who dare to ask him “what was that last song?” enough times may discover the secrets.

Loreto Agdinaoay (Cleveland)

Lo hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has been on the scene for over 16 years since he took his first dance steps waaaaay back in 1999. A swing dancer by training, he has taken those tools and talents into other styles of dance including Blues, Latin, West coast and Argentine Tango. Over the course of his 16 year dance career, he's been a DJ and instructor nationally, across borders and has been a staple in his local dance community. His philosophy has always been that dance is primarily an expression of appreciation for music. One of his big loves is blues music, a love that came from being fortunate enough to be surrounded with it since his childhood. Dark, smooth with a lovely finish. ;-)

Andi Hansen (Grand Rapids, MI):
Andi Hansen is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has been dancing since 2008. Since launching her DJ career, Andi has spun at events throughout the eastern half of the US- such as Steel City, Pirate Swing, Columbus Lindy & Blues Exchange, Code BLUE (Fifty50,) Blues Anatomy, the Lindy Focus blues room, Bluetopia, Big Red & Blues, Blues Battle Toronto, The Blues Experiment, and many others.
Rob Love (Cleveland, OH):
Rob is a hometown favorite, delighting dancers and keeping them on their toes! We are very excited that he is joining us this year!
Moses Allooh (Cleveland, OH):

An avid blues dancer from Cleveland, Moses has been travelling around the globe for workshops and exchanges since 2012, focusing his dance efforts solely on developing his Blues as both a lead and follow.

His favorite dance styles are Slow Drag and Micro; during his sets you are likely to be treated to that slow, sensual, soulful stuff. He is looking to keep you moving and smiling on the floor, so be sure to grab him for a dance!