Jered Morin (Germany):

He might be based in Berlin, Germany, but his real home (and the majority of any year) is on dance floors around the world. Entering the scene in the the 1990′s, Jered has become an international figure in Blues, Lindy Hop, Balboa and other Afro-American dances.

As a full-time teacher, his love for authentic Afro-American styles and technique makes dancers shine, giving both Leads and Follows their unique voices on the floor. As a choreographer, his work has been presented before Frankie Manning, at competitions and on theatre stages with large acclaim.

He’s also a featured speaker on Afro-American dance and music, drawing from his deep knowledge for the vernacular history and culture. Visit his site to see samples with video and photos.

Packed with creativity, authentic movement, humor, and — above all — the joy of dance, Jered’s classes always push students to new level of passion for dance.

Brooke Filsinger (Toronto, ON):

Brooke has been called an organic follower, accidentally creative, and a vagabond street dancer. She isn’t entirely sure what these all mean, but she’s proud to hold these titles nonetheless.

She’s spent the better part of the last decade crisscrossing Canada and the U.S., recently hopping to Europe and Asia, teaching and djing as she goes, but her heart belongs to Toronto. Brooke’s philosophy is make things feel good, make ‘em look good, and above all, have fun! Her emphasis on connecting with your partner and with the music has won her a loyal following everywhere she’s gone.

Be prepared! Her methods may be somewhat unconventional but you can be sure that you’ll walk away with a lot of technique and new ideas, wrapped up in one entertaining package!

Additional Instructors Available for Privates:

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Brooke Filsinger (Toronto):
Brooke has spent the last decade crisscrossing Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia, dancing, djing, and teaching as she goes. Although these days you'll most often find her playing exchanges, festivals, and competitions, as a DJ Brooke strives to remain true to the roots of her sordid past - late-nite house parties! You can always count on full-bodied ‘scrumpditiliumptious’ music - the kind that you can really sink your feet into! You'll get that stuff that keeps you dancing well past your bedtime!

Jered Morin (Germany):
With over 16 years' experience filling up dance floors around the globe, Jered has become a highly sought-after DJ and MC. Over the years he’s done extensive work coordinating the music for some of the largest international dance events, laying down the best competition tunes and pumping up the crowd as MC on the microphone. The rich blues & gospel that Jered spins brings the house down with jukin’ cuts from all eras that make you sweat late into the night. His depth in soul and funk never fails to get the party started with struttin’, in-your-face beats that put ants in your pants and make you need to dance - and he plays swing with a preference for hard-driving classic rhythm, making him a regular DJ at events specializing in balboa, charleston and lindy hop.

Jeff Mundinger (Pittsburgh):
Jeff became hooked on the music almost immediately after he started dancing. Starting as a Swing DJ in 2005, he expanded to Blues in '06, added his turntable in '07, and lighting design in '11 to satisfy his endless drive to create the perfect dance floor. Specializing in late-nite blues and lighting has earned him the name DJ Sunrise, but you can catch him DJing Jazz and Blues at events throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

Jared Clemens (Pittsburgh):
Jared has been a DJ since he was 14 years old! Following in his late father’s footsteps his main objective is to please the crowd and to be able to read and adjust his sets as the crowds’ mood changes. Music is in his blood and especially the Blues and Lindy Hop! Jared’s favorite blues artists are Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Buddy Guy, Sonny Boy Williamson, Louis Armstrong, and Di Anne Price. Jared has DJ'd in Cities all over the country and many Lindy and Blues national events. Jared will do whatever it takes to keep a dance floor filled for every song!

Moses Allooh (Cleveland):

An avid blues dancer from Cleveland, Moses has been travelling around the globe for workshops and exchanges over the last three years, focusing his dance efforts solely on developing his Blues as both a lead and follow.

His favorite dance styles are Slow Drag and Micro; during his sets you are likely to be treated to that slow, sensual, soulful stuff. While new on the DJ front, he is looking to keep you moving and smiling on the floor, so be sure to grab him for a dance!